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Re: Woody upgrading problems, LILO and debconf

On Wednesday 16 May 2001 22:42, Dale Scheetz wrote:
> [1] LILO issues with debconf
> It was a bit disconcerting to go through the LILO debconf screens, first
> being asked if you wish to modify lilo.conf, then when the answer is no
> being asked configuration questions about LILO and worst of all about MBR
> settings. If you choose the cancel button on these windows you get forced
> back to the initial request screen and have to wade through these screens
> again. A small note on the final screen indicates that non of these items
> will have any effect as liloconfig will not be run (and thankyou very much
> for that declaration ;-)

The first question from lilo was about updating your MBR settings. If you 
simply typed Enter then there was assumed you agreed for it (a suitable 
information about this "feature" appears on screen) and for the next 
questions about lilo configuration.

> So, I said no to changing lilo.conf, got asked a bunch of questions
> anyway, and for a while it looked like I was going to have to take MBR
> functions whether I wanted them or not. This is an upgrade, not a new
> install. I don't want even the suggestion that my working LILO
> configuration is going to be altered in any way. This set of questions
> doesn't do anything to make me feel safe about this installation.
> Just my experience, YMMV.

But not my. I have no any debconf screens and any bunch of questions (and my 
lilo.conf was untouched).

Mariusz Przygodzki 

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