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Re: Major changes to Heimdal in Heimdal 0.3e-5

Brian May <bam@debian.org> writes:

> Hello,
> My next upload of Heimdal will have the following major changes:
> - will use krb5-config package as being developed by Sam.
> - uses libtool 1.4, so library interdependency problems are solved.
> - splits heimdal-lib up into multiple libraries:

I'm sorry for my bad english. 

When you now reorganizing your packet's, is it possible to make it running
better with kthkrb4(kerberos4kth packet) at the same time? I know that you
don't using the old kerberos4 interface, but some of us want to do it. 

One(wrong?) solution is that we have another heimdal packet called
heimdalwithkrb4 and reinvent the wheel. But that is an ugly solution. 

One other solution is that we split some of the kthkrb4 packets so that they
don't conflict with the libraries in heimdal. This require that we compile
kthkrb4 with des library from libssl. I don't know if it is in the upstream
yet. Then we can compile the heimdal packege with krb4 support and don't
need to fix another heimdalkrb4 package(s). For the people using heimdal
and don't want the krb4 support, is easy to disable (kdc --no-kerberos4,
and don't create any srvtab for the services). As an effect of this we will
also get an libsasl-modules-nonus containing support for Kerberos. 


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