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Undefined symbol __tic (possibly GL related?)

  I've gotten a bugreport against one of my packages (glaxium) complaining
about an unresolved symbol "__tic".  Two users have now told me that glaxium
fails to run for them because of this.  The only difference between my
configuration and theirs is that I am using xlibmesa, while they are using
various other packages which provide libgl, and that I am using unstable,
while they are running testing.  I thought at first that there might be an
incompatibility between xlibmesa and the other GL versions, but that doesn't
seem to be the case -- installing mesag3, for instance, didn't make glaxium
stop working (although of course it ran veeeeerrrryyyy sloooowwwwwllllyy)
Even the version in woody works fine.

  Does anyone have an idea what this could be, or more datapoints for me to
look at?  The bugreport in question is bug #97426.

  (it's also possible it's some weird bug in glaxium, its code isn't
   terribly pretty)


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