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Re: Bug#97094: Summary of tty handling bug (bug #97094)

On Sun, May 13, 2001 at 03:27:24AM +0200, Joost Kooij wrote:
> This raises the question to Taral: do you use a particularly odd shell, or
> do you set any kind of non-default settings in your environment that could
> possibly relate to the behaviour that you are seeing, while others don't?

I use zsh. I noticed the problem when I started using python2, which
does not support readline or any kind of special line editing.

> I can't remember tweaking any of these terminal emulators, so I wonder
> why the (iirc default) behaviours differ?

See my summary posted to d-devel.

> In particular, the -echok setting that gnome-terminal defaults to, appears
> to break input behaviour of shells that rely on sane terminal settings.
> IOW why or to what end does gnome-terminal turn off or not turn on some
> of the sane terminal features?  

gnome-pty-helper sets the tty settings from scratch. I think the echok
omission was an error.

> This implies that xterm is not entirely sane either (-brkint).

xterm uses the linux kernel defaults, not the stty sane defaults.

> Does it sound very unreasonable to expect from a terminal emulator that
> it provides a "sane" terminal environment by default?

No. That's why I'd like gnome-pty-helper patched.

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