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Re: Bug#97094: Summary of tty handling bug (bug #97094)

Taral <taral@taral.net> writes:

> So you're telling me that either:
> 1) echok is set on your systems, or
> 2) unsetting echok does not cause ^U to print itself when in canon mode.
> Is this correct? If so, I'd like to log in and test one of these systems
> myself. Every one of the systems I try exhibits this bug.

I can affirm that if I do:

stty -echok

and then type characters at cat, ^U echos.  It only echoes if it is
not the first character in a new line.  (With the result that if you
type two in a row, you only see one, because the first one erases
all the line, and so the second is at the front of the line.)

Also, bash doesn't pay attention to echok or most tty bits, so people
trying to test this should certainly be using cat or something stupid
to read the input.

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