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lprng, libpaperg & papersizes


I have been messing around with paper sizes today, and have a couple of

1. How can I add my own, non-standard paper size to libpaperg? Do I need to
change the source and recompile for that?

2. Does a package as lprng actually even look at /etc/papersize? If not, how
do I tell it what paper size to use? I have left /etc/papersize alone, and
messed with the pw/pl/px entries in /etc/printcap. Recalculated if a4 is 72
lines for x cm then my .8 cm taller paper (length only, not width) must be
73.9something lines ok set pl to 74 etc. It seems like that actually worked,
but I find that... uh, non-intuitive. Isn't there any other way to do it? I
can't imagine joe random user figuring that out very soon.



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