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Re: woody release task needs help: package priorities

On 12 May 2001, Peter Korsgaard wrote:

> >>>>> "Wolfgang" == Wolfgang Sourdeau <wolfgang@contre.com> writes:
>  >> what do you think to include as basic editor? vim? and elvis-tiny
>  >> for boot-floopies?
>  Wolfgang> I am just experiencing zile and I find it quite good. And,
>  Wolfgang> btw, it is meant primarily for boot floppies.  Another
>  Wolfgang> argument is that zile is "kind of" a stripped-down version
>  Wolfgang> of Emacs, and Emacs is the standard editor for the GNU
>  Wolfgang> system, which I am sure most of the people on this list are
>  Wolfgang> using.
> Another option is e3. It is tiny (less than 10k and static linked) and
> it has keybindings for vi, emacs, wordstar, pico and nedit. On i386 it
> is written in 100% asm, but there is also a portable C version.

e3 is a nice editor. e3c isn't a second version of e3 since upstream is
more likely to remoce it than to make it a complete replacement of e3.

Adrian (e3 maintainer)


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