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Re: woody release task needs help: package priorities

WA> postfix does not do IPv6
WA> postfix does not do TLS (not officialy and juding by comments on
WA>    #debian-devel from today not reliably either)

Recently there was released new stable version of postfix. It does
support TLS. AFAIK it doesn't support IPV6 out of box right now. There
is exist patch for IPV6 support but it was not merged in last stable

WA> postfix header rewriting isn't flexible

Never used exim so I can't compare.

WA> postfix uses multiple files instead of one big file, if that is better
WA> or worse is personal taste.

Actually it has only two config files. One small which defines various
services (local delivery agent, smtpd, etc) and another big config
file which configures all postfix services. Almost usually you edit
only second config.

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