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Itai Zukerman wrote:

[... discussion of a virtual boot-loader package ...]

lilo needs to be re-run after installing a new kernel, right?  grub

No. It reads the config from a simple menu file (menu.lst) that is a simple text file.
You just need to add a new entry in it with boot pointing to the new kernel.

Further more, GRUB is the only of the two to support the multiboot specification (needed by
e.g. GNU Hurd).

All in all I think GRUB is far superior to lilo in every aspect I can think of.

Perhaps the boot loaders should arrange amongst themselves to provide a
common way for the kernel-image packages to update the installed boot
loader *independent* of which one is installed.  Like,
update-boot-loader, maybe handled by alternatives?

That would be nice... the kernel-pacakge offers to update lilo and a simple yes to the lilo questions can make the system unbootable; adding a entry to GRUB menu.lst would be rather simple I guess.



Frederico S. Munoz

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