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Re: kernel-source

On Wed, May 09, 2001 at 02:41:46PM +0200, Robert van der Meulen wrote:
> Hi,
> Quoting Matthias Berse (matthias.berse@ruhr-uni-bochum.de):
> > No, I mean a way to go from let's say kernel-source-2.4.3 to
> > kernel-source-2.4.4 without the need to download the whole big .deb,
> > but a patch similar to those patches found on kernel.org, but as a
> > debian package which the patches the installed kernel-source-2.4.3 and
> > provides kernel-source-2.4.4. You may ask why I don't take the patches
> > from kernel.org and apply them. Well won't work (at least for debian
> > kernel-source-2.4.3 I wasn't able to patch to 2.4.4...)
> I'm maintaining www.bzimage.org, which contains kernel patches similar to
> what you describe (not debian-specific though). 
> IMHO .debs for patches like that are only useful for unstable, not for
> stable - and there would be quite a lot of them too..Too much package bloat
> if you ask me.
Well I don't think this would be limited to unstable, because evry now
and then one should upgrade the kernel to close security holes. 
I believe those people who do compile their own kernels if using the
kernel-source package would gain some comfort. Otherwise I don't see a
point in using the kernel-source package at all. I could use apt-get
source kernel-image and there would be no need for a "binary"
kernel-source package at all. To cut it short, I rather would like to
see ONE kernel-source package for a particular kernel-version and then
maybe patches from this version to the most recent one (like the ac
series) or patches which depend on the whole chain of previous

If for the first patch suggestion the patch gets as big as 50% of the
kernel-image, this would be the time to build another kernel-source
package of that version. Otherwise one had only do build kernel-source
packages if testing gets frozen...



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