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Re: [FLAME WARNING] Linux Standards Base and Debian

Stephane Bortzmeyer schrieb:
> below. RPM is the defacto standard on Linux [sic] and supported either 
> directly, or indirectly by the widest number of distributions.

The statement is perfectly true, Debian supports RPM with aliens

> The intent is to in the future replace this format with a new
> format currently being developed.

I'd like it much more if there was a simple "portable package
format" (like GNU .tar.gz (ie with autoconf or workalike);) and
distributions can build on that if they feel they need to.

In short: most is there.

> So, LSB is not a specification for Linux-based operating systems but for the 
> subset of them which uses the RPM format.

What part of the quote leads you to this conclusion?

ciao, 2ri
No, I'm not going to explain it.  If you can't figure it out, you didn't
want to know anyway...  :-)
             -- Larry Wall in <1991Aug7.180856.2854@netlabs.com>

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