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Re: Bug#95975: mutt: doesn't use charset anymore

On May 04, Paul Slootman <paul@murphy.nl> wrote:

 >Sure, whatever, but *my* original point is that there is a setting in
 >mutt, namely "charset", which is documented to tell mutt what character
 >set the terminal is capable of displaying and entering. This used to
That's correct. It's used to set the charset attribute of the
Content-Type header. Nothing else.
It does *NOT* do what you think it does.

 >work fine, but suddenly it doesn't anymore even though the docs have not
 >changed one iota in this respect. I'd suggest that as long as the
This used to work only because you use latin-1, i.e. you did not need a
$LC_CTYPE value anyway.

 >"charset" setting is still supported in mutt, mutt should use that to
 >override an absence of any locale settings (as it in fact did in the
 >past, effectively).
It did not.


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