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Re: Two debconf issues

Simon Richter wrote:
> I'm currently debconfizing one of my packages, uptimed. Two quoestions
> have arised:

That's "debconfiscated"[1].

>  - At the start of my config script, I import all settings from the real
>     configuration file, if it exists. For some settings, this is trivial,
>     for some, I need rather complex text processing. Since perl isn't
>     essential, writing the script in perl would make the package depend on
>     perl while this is unnecessary for normal operation. Would this be
>     acceptable or should I find a better solution?

But perl-base _is_ essential.

>  - One of the strings should default to the empty string. How do I express
>     that in a templates file?


see shy jo

[1] All your interactive postinsts are belong to us.

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