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Re: why dig ? I wanna use nslookup !

from the secret journal of Gerrit Pape (pape@innominate.com):
> What makes you reacting so blind and childish? This is not the topic of this
> thread, just notice that there are debian people running djbdns - relaxed,
> bind-free. Not having real djbdns (+co) packages in debian is a pity.

Closed-source software is even more of a pity. DJB's license (or lack there
of) makes it impossible to distribute binaries that aren't compiled by DJB
himself. You're free to run whatever you want on your machines, but don't
expect everyone to follow your lead.

I haven't been following this thread, but shouldn't it have ended or moved
to another list as soon as someone said "upstream?"

Jacob Kuntz
Technology Director
The Real Estate Company

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