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Re: Bug#95430 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#95430: ash: word-splitting changes break shell scripts)

severity 95430 critical

I can keep this up just as long as you can.

> > (tests) ... except that ash does honor IFS from the environment.  You
> > realize that this is a gaping security hole, even if IFS is only used
> > to split the results of expansion?  You realize that it is trivial to
> > break any shell script on the entire machine that way?
> Get a clue, Linux does not allow setuid scripts.

Irrelevant.  Look up IFS in a bugtraq archive.
I shan't do your homework for you.

> > What the standard says is IRRELEVANT.  You cannot change consensus
> > shell behavior even if it is in direct conflict with the standard.
> You're the one who doesn't get it.  If you are writing shell functions
> and you need to save the IFS, then you need to save it properly.

You don't seem to comprehend the difference between shell *functions*
and shell *scripts*.


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