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Re: package servers inconsistent?

On Mon, Apr 30, 2001 at 08:50:06PM +0200, Harald Dunkel wrote:

> Is it possible to keep an eye upon package consistency on the
> hosts 'http.us.debian.org'?
> Each time I run 'apt-get update', some of the package lists on my
> machine seem to be outdated, even if the last update has been done
> just a few jiffies ago. But usually the following 'apt-get ugrade' 
> fails due to missing packages. 
> I have to repeat this procedure several times until the upgrade can 
> be completed successfully. Sometimes this doesn't work at all.
> I tried to install a caching proxy, but this did not help.

This happens because the Packages files on the mirrors are updated before all
of the .debs have been transferred.  The errors are transient, and only happen
during the mirror updates.  It is probably more trouble than it is worth to try
to fix this.  The solution would involve syncing all new .debs (without
deleting any), then updating the Packages files, then removing the old .debs.
This has the nice side effect of ensuring that things are consistent even if
the update is interrupted, but would consume a lot of additional mirror space
during the updates, and complicate the process.

Another "solution" would be to remove the Packages files during the update, but
I think almost everyone would rather have an inconsistent Packages file than
none at all.

 - mdz

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