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Re: kernel-{image,headers} package bloat

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001 james@netcsi.com wrote:

> Unfortunately it seems that a kernel that supports both i386 and SMP
> would have to use very slow methods for locking since instructions
> allowing faster locking only came in with the 486 and above.

I'm wondering when this whole discussion will include other ports and
their kernel requests...

Basically, I can understand everyone's desires for a kernel that covers
their cases (SMP, UP, 686, 386, etc), but the bloat issue that initially
started this thread would be multiplied if the same type of solutions were
implemented for the other archs.  Alpha is now simplified, for the most
part, and can use a "generic" kernel that doesn't suffer performance-wise,
but we still have some exceptions (Ruffian, SMP, etc).  If UP and SMP
kernels were provided on i386, then we would request the same.  I would
assume sparc, powerpc, etc may also request the same.  This could lead to
an even larger archive bloat than this thread is trying to prevent...

I've been clueless on how to solve this problem (or even what kind of
solution may be needed to begin with since I don't see the current
situation as being "a problem"), so I haven't spoken until now, but as
this thread gets more and more Intel/AMD-centric, I'm beginning to wonder
what the larger implications may be...


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