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Re: Gnome bug 94684

On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 02:09:51PM +0800, zhaoway wrote:
> You guys are getting more and more bureaucratic. That's sad.
> That said, why don't you report the bug directly to the upstream, instead
> of insisting on this (bureaucratic) procedure of reporting bugs to
> [upstream]

There is (should be) something different with maintainers forwarding bugs to
upstream authors. When a Debian maintainer reports a bug to the upstream,
the upstream knows that the bug report has been examined and evaluated, and
most likely reproduced. It's more likely that the upstream people will pay
more attention to that bug, since they know someone has bothered to analyze
the problem already to make it easier for them.

One other thing -- when the Debian maintainer has been working for some time
with the upstream maintainer(s), s/he may know things like emails which are
more often read or people among the upstream that might be more acceptive to
an idea than others. Sure, that's cheating, but if it's for a worthy
cause... :)

> while both of you debian developers are pretty sure it's an upstream
> issue?

There's a bit of a psychological difference from the upstream standpoint
when an individual user (whether he is a Debian developer or not) approaches
them and asks them to do something that they might not like (keeping
compatibility), and when the person who industriously maintains packages of
their software approaches them and asks them the same.

The end result won't always be different, of course.

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