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Re: Gnome bug 94684

On 26 Apr 2001 14:09:51 +0800
zhaoway <zw@debian.org> wrote:

> You guys are getting more and more bureaucratic. That's sad.

Bureaucracy is integral to an organization such as Debian. you're going to
have to learn to live with it.

> The package maintainer is a volunteer, and he knows you are also a
> developer.

His being a volunteer does not excuse him from performing his duties. It
actually gives him less of an excuse -- if you don't want to do your job
as a volunteer than be polite and give maintainership to someone else
who can.

> [snip]
> I agree that if you're a noname random clueless mere user then the
> maintainer shouldn't just close this usibility bug blindly.

The package maintainer shouldn't close bugs blindly in any case.



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