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Re: Problem with installing Postgres throught APT

Rahul Jain wrote:
  >I had a horrible time upgrading and I ended up removing some packages with
  >--force-depend, and then apt-get dist-upgrading. Would adding a replaces: to
  >some packages help? I know that the pgsql-pl and ecpg packages were merged, 
  >at least it will help there.

I am happy to accept any suggestions that improve upon the current setup:

Source: postgresql
Section: misc
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Oliver Elphick <Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk>
Standards-Version: 3.2.1
Build-Depends: libncurses5-dev (>= 5.0), tcl8.3-dev, bison, python-dev, perl-5.6, tk8.3-dev, sharutils, flex, debhelper (>= 2.0.86), libreadline4-dev (>= 4.2), libperl-dev, libssl-dev, docbook2man, jadetex, jade, sp, sgmlspl

Package: postgresql
Architecture: any
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}, libpgsql2.1, debianutils (>= 1.13.1), procps (>= 1.9), postgresql-client, procps (>= 1:2.0), debconf
Conflicts: postgres95,libpq1,libpgtcl (<< 7.1),postgresql-client (<< 7.1), postgresql-pl, postgresql-test
Replaces: postgresql-pl
Suggests: libpgperl,libpgjava,libpgtcl,postgresql-doc,postgresql-dev,postgresql-contrib,python-pygresql
Description: Object-relational SQL database, descended from POSTGRES.
 PostgreSQL is an object-relational database, which supports a large part
 of SQL-92.  It is under continuous development and each release implements
 more of the SQL standard, to the extent that it is now probably more compliant
 than many commercial databases.  It also supports some object-oriented features.
 As compared to MySQL, PostgreSQL is more fully featured - most importantly,
 PostgreSQL supports transactions, which are essential to multi-user update
 of a database and referential integrity, which, equally, is essential to a
 reliable database.  The trade-off is that it can be slower, though again, each
 release sees improvements in efficiency. For more information, see
 This package provides the backend features; you need postgresql-client or
 some other front-end to be able to access them.

Package: postgresql-client
Architecture: any
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends},libpgsql2.1 (>= 7.1),pidentd | ident-server
Conflicts: postgresql (<< 7.1)
Replaces: postgresql (<< 6.5.3-2)
Suggests: postgresql-doc
Description: Front-end programs for PostgreSQL
 This package contains client and administrative programs for PostgreSQL:
 these are the user front-end, psql, and scripts for creating and destroying
 users and database schemas.
 If you install PostgreSQL on a standalone machine, you need this package
 too. On a network, you need it installed somewhere on the network, but
 not necessarily on the same machine.

Package: postgresql-dev
Architecture: any
Section: devel
Depends: libpgsql2.1,libecpg3
Conflicts: postgres95-dev,postgres95,libpq1
Suggests: postgresql-doc,postgresql
Description: Header files for libpq (postgresql library)
 Header files for compiling C and C++ programs to link
 with the libpgsql2 libraries in order to communicate with the PostgreSQL
 database backend.

Package: libpgsql2.1
Architecture: any
Section: libs
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends},pidentd | ident-server
Conflicts: libpq1,postgres95,postgresql (<< 7.1),libpgsql2
Replaces: libpgsql2
Provides: libpgsql2
Suggests: postgresql-doc,postgresql-client
Description: Shared library libpq.so.2.1 for PostgreSQL
 C and C++ libraries to enable user programs to communicate with
 the PostgreSQL database backend. The backend can be on another machine and
 accessed through TCP/IP.

Package: libecpg3
Architecture: any
Section: libs
Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}
Conflicts: ecpg
Provides: ecpg
Description: Shared library libecpg.so.3.2 for PostgreSQL
 libecpg is used by programs built with ecpg (Embedded PostgreSQL for C)
 Use postgresql-dev to develop such programs.

Package: libpgtcl
Architecture: any
Section: libs
Depends: tcl8.3 | tclsh,tk8.3 | wish,${shlibs:Depends}
Conflicts: postgresql (<< 7.0-0.beta3), postgresql-pl
Suggests: postgresql-doc,pgaccess
Description: Tcl/Tk library and front-end for PostgreSQL.
 A library to enable Tcl/Tk scripts to communicate with the
 PostgreSQL database backend.

Package: postgresql-doc
Architecture: all
Section: doc
Suggests: doc-linux-html
Description: Documentation for the PostgreSQL database.
 Contains all README files, user manual and examples for all PostgreSQL

Package: libpgperl
Architecture: any
Section: libs
Depends: ${perl:Depends}, libpgsql2.1, ${shlibs:Depends}
Conflicts: postgresql (<< 7.1), postgresql-pl
Suggests: postgresql-doc
Description: Perl modules for PostgreSQL.
 A library to enable Perl scripts to communicate with the
 PostgreSQL database backend.

Package: pgaccess
Architecture: any
Section: misc
Depends: libpgtcl (>= 7.1)
Description: Tk/Tcl front-end for PostgreSQL database
 A Tk/Tcl program for X that provides a front-end to PostgreSQL.  It can be
 used to generate and store queries, views and new forms.

Package: postgresql-contrib
Architecture: any
Section: misc
Depends: postgresql (>= 7.1),libpgperl (>= 7.1),libpgsql2.1,${shlibs:Depends}
Suggests: postgresql-doc
Description: Additional facilities for PostgreSQL
 The PostgreSQL contrib package provides several additional features for
 the PostgreSQL database. contrib often serves as a testbed for features
 before they are adopted into PostgreSQL proper:
  apache_logging - Getting Apache to log to PostgreSQL
  array          - Array iterator functions
  bit            - A set of C routines to implement an SQL-compliant
                   bitstring type
  datetime       - Date & time functions
  earthdistance  - Operator for computing earth distance for two points
  findoidjoins   - Finds the joins used by oid columns by examining the actual
                   values in the oid columns and row oids.
  fulltextindex  - Full text indexing using triggers
  isbn_issn      - Type extensions for ISBN (books) and ISSN (serials)
  keywordindex   - An adaptation of fulltextindex to index keywords; stop
                   words can be specified
  lo             - Large Object maintenance
  miscutil       - Postgres assert checking and various utility functions
  mSQL-interface - mSQL API translation library
  noupdate       - trigger to prevent updates on single columns
  pgbench        - a simple program to run a benchmark test
  soundex        - Prototype for soundex function
  spi            - PostgreSQL Server Programming Interface; 4 examples of
                   its use:
                   autoinc    - A function for implementing AUTOINCREMENT/
                   insert_username - function for inserting user names
                   refint     - Functions for implementing referential
                                integrity (foreign keys)
                   timetravel - Re-implements in user code the time travel
                                feature that was removed in 6.3.
  string         - C-like input/output conversion routines for strings
  unixdate       - Conversions from integer to datetime
  userlock       - User locks
  vacuumlo       - Vacuum large objects

Package: python-pygresql
Architecture: any
Section: libs
Depends: python-base,libpgsql2.1,${shlibs:Depends}
Description: PostgreSQL module for Python
 PyGreSQL is a Python module that interfaces to a PostgreSQL database. It
 embeds the PostgreSQL query library to allow easy use of the powerful
 PostgreSQL features from a Python script.

Package: odbc-postgresql
Architecture: any
Section: libs
Depends: postgresql (>= 7.1),${shlibs:Depends}
Description: ODBC support for PostgreSQL
 Provides support for ODBC access to the PostgreSQL backend.
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