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Re: Storage (8*IDE HDs) any experiences?

hi dima

think different motherboard uses different onboard ide controllers...
( dont know which one is which...

- promise card i was referring to is the Proise ata/100 series
  not the onboard controllers

yes... most 1U chassis comes with one 1 power supply...
( no physcial room in the back... 

-- sorta offtopic...but thought i'd add the comments 
-- and we can discuss offline if needed...

one 1u manufacturer put a powersupply in front and 
one powersupply in the back...

- a neater option would have been to use the newer mini-atx 
  motherboard...about 8"x8" square... which still have room
  for 2 1u powersupply in the back...

- even if you had 2 power supplies...
	- most motherboards only has one atx power connector

- are the two power supplies properly doing load sharing...
	- when/how does the redundant power circuit kill 
	off the other dying/dead power supply

- if the motherboard did have 2 atx connectors...
	- is it doing proper load sharing???
	- can the 2nd power supply drive the motherboard
	even if the other powersupply is dead

- if you had two power supplies...
	- how does the disk gets it spower...
	( need special circuitry to drive the disks
	( minimally, 2 diodes for each of the power supply

fun stuff
http://www.Linux-1U.net ...

On Thu, 26 Apr 2001, Dimitri Maziuk wrote:

> On Thu, Apr 26, 2001 at 03:23:03PM -0700, Alvin Oga wrote:
> ...
> > your options for 6 or 8 disks are the promise cards
> > and/or 3ware ...
> Well, unfortunately purchasing is a bit strange around here...
> That mobo (with HPT-370 controller) is the one we can buy
> _easily_ -- from the university's techstore. A mobo with
> promise is a bit more difficult...
> > has anybody measured the +12V current needed when all
> > 8 drives start up...at the same time... hummm....
> Yes, n+1 PS sound like a good idea for this sort of work.
> I notice your 1U cases only have one PS. ;)
> Thanks
> Dima
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