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Re: Packages not making it into testing

Anthony Towns schrieb:
> + libvoxel uploaded 357 days ago, out of date by 347 days!
> 	has a year old "doesn't build" bug, 60985

I hacked at it at BSP#3, nothing depends on it, and the bug is
_really_ obscure (that's not only me saying this). I asked the
maintainer wheter it would be OK to remove it, he said it's fine
with him.

Do I have to bug ftp.debian.org?

> + locale-vi uploaded 202 days ago, out of date by 192 days!
> + locale-zh uploaded 190 days ago, out of date by 188 days!
> 	probably should be removed from the archive as of glibc 2.2.x
> 	(conflicts with glibc > 2.1.94, except on alpha)

I thought they where obsolete with newer glibc packages.

> + sdl-net1.1 uploaded 154 days ago, out of date by 144 days!

I uploaded sdl-net1.2 this weekend, packages won't change to 1.2
automatically though (seperate -dev), but there won't be any new
releases and there are no bugs on it. Rationale: I won't upload
it again.

ciao, 2ri
locate sunny|grep place|xargs cat|paste ~/me
sleep 4h

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