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Richard Braakman schrieb:
> In that case the right "repository" could be a bugreport to the package
> involved.  That way the diff submission is guaranteed.

I agree with you that _something_ has to be done about
catastrophal NMUs, but just stopping to NMU and only submitting
diffs, even on packages where it is clear that the maintainer
stopped working on them some years ago can't be the solution.
[1] I've submitted a handful of diffs and some manpages to
packages which where either ignored (without notice) or the
maintainer didn't bother to upload at all (for some months that

I'm glad most Debian developers are more responsive, but such
things happen and are most frustrating.

[1] check out the changelog of afbackup for example ...

ciao, 2ri
Why is "abbreviation" such a long word?

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