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Re: ITP: task-printing

On 20 April 2001 (Friday) at 07:45 (-0000) Pawel Wiecek wrote:
> This package puts too many things together IMVHO.  Sme of these
> programs are completely useless for quite a number of users and will
> just take disk space for no gain (I don't care if disks are cheap
> now, installing useless stuff is a BAD practice).

Every task package installs too many things.

> > Depends: lprng, gs | gs-aladdin, gsfonts, psfontmgr, magicfilter |
> > apsfilter, libpaperg, a2ps, enscript, djtools, jpeg2ps, mpage, npadmin,
> What do I need djtool for? I don't have a DeskJet.
> Actually the number of people having these is probably much smaller than
> number of people having some other printers.

I don't have DeskJet too, but djtools is relatively small package.
Ofcourse installing useless stuff sometimes is a bad practice, but I
am thinking for user installing Debian for first time and seeing
tasksel.  She chooses task-printing and magicfilter pops up its
debconf questions.  She answers them and chooses the DeskJet filter.
That filter sometimes needs djtools for operating and it is not easy
for newbie (and not only for newbie) users to investigate why
magicfilter doesn't work.

> > printop, psptools, psutils, smbclient, ncpfs, rlpr, bzip2, gzip, groff,
> Installing support for all kinds of network printing is useless.
> One would *never* need all of them at once IMHO.

Should I remove the packages related to network printing from the
task-printing's dependencies then?  May be one README will be enough?

Anton Zinoviev, zinoviev@debian.org

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