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Re: [efraim@sonic.de: Re: Strangeness with console-tools]

> ----- Forwarded message from Alexander Koch <efraim@sonic.de> -----
> On Tue, 17 April 2001 18:26:05 -0300, Henrique M Holschuh wrote:
> > > You misspelled "doesn't", for verily, it is an eternal truth.
> It sure is.
> > I suppose you're right in both accounts. Maybe I should not have deleted the
> > paragraphs in the bug report where I was a bit more... explicit about what I
> > thought when I had to do a remote login to fix the keyboard map.
> I cannot believe it. I simply cannot believe it. How in this
> world is it possible to wreck the keymap that often? In the
> last year at least 5 or 6 versions killed my keymap and I
> with some stuff (some russian keymap that appeared out of
> nowhere) it took me hours for I had no hands- on access to
> that box...

I'm sorry for this, but it is not possible for me to test every
possible upgrade combination each time I release a new version.  It
was far from trivial to implement debconf-based support for
keymap-selection.  I do my best to handle as many special cases as I
can, and if I trust the rate of bugs reports, I believe it's getting
better.  But that's still far from perfect, and I refrain myself to
add new features in the hope that we can work out all remaining bugs.

> Now I log in some minutes ago (or at least I tried) and it
> did not work. Say what, having to guess if it is at least
> the US keymap sucks big rocks. It eventually worked and a
> dpkg-reconfigure was my friend, but to say I am fed up is
> like being way too nice.
> > Nah.  Everyone deserves a second chance.  Once in a while, anyway.
> Dear Mr. Yann Dirson, whatever you do, no matter what, just
> make it work, please. These changed keymaps can cost some
> admins' head on a rainy day and IMNSHO this happened once
> too often... *sigh*

I'm trying to.  However, I rely on others to tell me, preferably
through the BTS, when something doesn't work as it should.  I don't
have the time to read debian-devel, and mostly see such messages when
someone cares enough to point me to these discussions.

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