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Re: ITP: task-russian -- russian-speaking environment

On 16.IV.2001 at 18:19 Jonathan Walther wrote:
> I believe it is ok to do this; then make task-spanish, task-german, etc
> depend on task-latin1.  Seems like a clean way of doing things; if the
> maintainers of the appropriate packages *wish* to participate in such a
> scheme, they have my wholehearted approval.  It could save duplication of
> effort and promote brotherhood between the maintainers of packages that
> use the same alphabet :>

In our case task-cyrillic won't be subset, but superset of task-russian.
And maybe task-cyrillic will depend on task-russian.  task-cyrillic
supports all Cyrillic encodings that are in common use (not only KOI8-R).

The problem Peter sees in that approach is that many Russian users will
install the package task-cyrillic and because of that they will have
some unnecesary packages installed on their systems.  From the Peter's
message I see that he wants the package task-russian to install a rather
small selection of packages.  

Anton Zinoviev, zinoviev@debian.org

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