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Re: kernel-{image,headers} package bloat

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Piefel <piefel@informatik.hu-berlin.de> writes:

    Michael> Am 17.04.01 um 21:56:47 schrieb Herbert Xu:
    >> 100MB is a negligible price to pay for the CPU cycles saved
    >> from people having to compile kernels needlessly.  And I doubt
    >> anyone can measure how much dpkg is slowed down by 20 extra
    >> packages.

    Michael> When I compile kernels, I can do other work on my machine
    Michael> at the same time. I have loads of spare CPU cycles lying
    Michael> around, I don't need to save them _there_. However I tend
    Michael> to sit and watch dpkg while it's installing a package I
    Michael> want, or I wait for dselect to come up, and I do that
    Michael> often - a second saved there makes me more happy.

    Michael> And I have to agree with Craig that people who can't
    Michael> compile their own kernels are either not quite ready to
    Michael> run Linux and should stay away with it, or just live with
    Michael> the performance penalty of the installation kernel until
    Michael> they've learned.

How about making it easier to build you own kernel using one of the
defined debian default set of settings?


export DEB_KERNEL_OPTIONS=pentium,smp
apt-get source -b kernel-image-2.4.3

(not sure if this works for the Linux kernel, but seeing as apt-get
source now exists, it seems silly not to use it)
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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