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Bug#94308: ITP: mars-nwe -- netware emulator

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist


Here is a very short list of what mars_nwe can do for you.

- mars_nwe is a very functional clone of a NetWare server that runs
  under Linux. It works fine with the usual DOS client software that
  normally comes with your NetWare server.

- mars_nwe offers file, bindery and print services for NetWare client

- mars_nwe does not include any user license restrictions. You can
  increase mars_nwe's licenses by simply recompiling it, and you can
  start any number of mars_nwe's on your network!

- mars_nwe includes a RIP/SAP daemon that turns your Linux box into a
  fine IPX router.

Licence: GPL.

Preliminary package:

Apt sources.list:
 deb http://people.debian.org/~pm trial main

Paul Martin <pm@zetnet.net> (work)
  <pm@nowster.zetnet.co.uk> (home)
    <pm@debian.org> (Debian stuff)

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