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Re: ITP: task-russian -- russian-speaking environment

> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
> This task package installs modifications and documentation in russian
> to help russian speaking people using Debian.
> It depends on  console-cyrillic, manpages-ru, irussian, mueller7-dict, konwert,
> xfonts-bolkhov-koi8r, xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-100dpi.
> -- 
> Peter Novodvorsky     http://www.altlinux.ru/    AltLinux Team, Russia
> Debian.Org                                       http://debian.org/~nidd
>             Debian  ---  no need to  wait for tomorrow.

Can't this be merged with task-cyrillic?

[01:41:00 /tmp]$ grep-available -PX task-cyrillic         
Package: task-cyrillic
Priority: optional
Section: misc
Installed-Size: 11
Maintainer: Anton Zinoviev <zinoviev@debian.org>
Architecture: all
Version: 0.4
Depends: language-env, console-cyrillic, xfonts-bolkhov-cp1251, xfonts-bolkhov-iso, xfonts-bolkhov-koi8r, xfonts-bolkhov-koi8u, xfonts-cronyx-cp1251, xfonts-cronyx-iso, xfonts-cronyx-koi8r, xfonts-cronyx-koi8u, scalable-cyrfonts, scalable-cyrfonts-x11, scalable-cyrfonts-tex, trscripts, konwert, re, xruskb, maint-guide-ru, mova, mueller, manpages-ru
Filename: pool/main/t/task-cyrillic/task-cyrillic_0.4_all.deb
Size: 2736
MD5sum: 5f5e919d82bf4ede91d4cfc20a52c38b
Description: Cyrillic environment
 A metapackage containing dependencies for a Cyrillic environment:
 programs, data files and documentation.  It also installs some
 Russian language specific packages.
 DEBIAN has rather complete Belarusian, Bulgarian, Macedonian,
 Russian, Serbian and Ukrainian Cyrillic support.  There is still no
 enough support for Azeri, Kazakh, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbekh and other
 Asian Cyrillic scripts in DEBIAN.  Contributions are welcome.
 You can use the command tklanguage or set-language-env to establish
 native language environment for some of the Cyrillic languages.

[01:41:28 /tmp]$ 

	Shaul Karl <shaulka@bezeqint.net>

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