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Re: Broken Star Office in unstable?

On Tue, Apr 10, 2001 at 09:26:40PM -0700, Laurie Ikuta wrote:
> I know that this is slightly off topic, considering that the debian project
> doesn't package or support this particular package. I was running woody for
> quite a while and my girlfriend has grown dependent on Star Ofiice. It ran
> quite okay until I went to unstable(i had done that earlier and it didn't
> break anything)  I assume that it would probably be because of libc ,but it
> doesn't make much sence considering that both woody and sid are using libc
> 2.2. Was there that much of a change just through package revisions or
> what. (StarOffice will begin then die when you try to open || edit ||
> create a flle) Can anybody propose a solution? I would like to keep
> unstable but this is the only application that can't break for a few days.
> Thank you in advance,
> David Monarres <ayeq@yahoo.com>

I've got the exact same problem (girlfriend and all :-).  Except I've been
running unstable all along, so it was just in the past week or two that
something broke.


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