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Re: Broken Star Office in unstable?

I was thinking about the openoffice thing? How stable is it, my girlfriend
is expected to be able to share documents w/ others in her biology dept
(notice I said biology, not CS. there are a lot of macs and MSoffice seems
to be mandatory) What is ripped out? ( all she need is the speadsheet and
the wordProcessor) Anyway, to keep this as debian as possible I was
wondering if you can force the linker to link the program with another
version of libc. I could compile by hand (or if possible use the debs from
potato) 2.1.3 and install it in /opt (directory that I created for misc
closed source binaries) then do an 'export LD_LIBRORY_PATH' type thing or
will it still link to libc in /lib. If that isn't it then I will backtrace
the libraries that ldd reports and keep them in opt w/ star office. That
way they stay stable while the deb libs change. Do you think that will
David Monarres 
ps. SO 5.2 worked fine in woody and potato

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001 00:56:08 Rob Bradford wrote:
> Is is interesting, i've been running the first release of Open Office 
> woody/sid which is basically Star Office with some stuff ripped out and
> although it does crash sometimes, it never does it very regularly.
> Maybe you could look at that ....
> rob 
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