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A question about update-excuses (was Re: testing is broken)

I find many packages missing in testing and I can't seem to find the reason
in update-excuses. For instance, take the python2; update-excuses says

* python2 2.0-6 (new) (optional) (low)
    * Maintainer: Gregor Hoffleit <flight@debian.org>
    * python2 uploaded 48 days ago, out of date by 38 days!
    * out of date on m68k: python2-base, python2-dev, python2-tk, python2-xmlbase (from 2.0-4) (but m68k isn't keeping up, so ignoring this problem)
    * there are up to date bins in m68k also
    * valid candidate (will be installed unless it's dependent upon other buggy pkgs)

However, there doesn't seem to be any real package called python2; instead
python2-base provides python2. None of the other packages from the python2
source seem to depend on "other buggy pkgs". There must be an easier way to
figure to figure this out :-).


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