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Answer from SAP DB Labs


to update you on the progress of the SAP DB Packages:

I got answer from a nice guy at SAP about the problem of the Open Source
Ness of the Build Environment:

(copyed it to deian-email, but it is german)

- SAP is not giving out the code for the Build environment since they dont
wanted to hbe problems on multiple fronts. They are working on a Boot Strap
with GNU Tools but this could take some time. They signaled they might like
give out the Source before they have finished this (to "researchers"). The
Problem here is, that the SAP DB is a wild mixture of C, Pascal and
Assembler, therefore the oen build environment is used to compile on all
target platforms.

I will keep contact. Maybe you will see contrib packages based on the SAP DB
source and the Binary Build Environemnt before you will see DFSG compliant

Now I am sorting out the Copyright of the Documentation. 

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