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Re: ITP: tcpspy


Besides reduced dependencies, what's the advantage of not using libpcap?
>From what I've seen tcpspy merely parses /proc/net/tcp and filters 
stuff according to some rules. There are superior tools which perform 
a similar task. I am not telling you not to package it, but there are better
auditing utilities which are not packaged for Debian.

	Regards, Yotam Rubin

On Mon, Apr 09, 2001 at 08:55:12PM -0300, DrPablo@mail.com wrote:
> Hello all!
> 	I am writing this notice to register that I am intend to package
> tcpspy (http://users.rendrag.net/~tim/software/tcpspy.php3) for Debian
> GNU/Linux. I've already got the permission from the author.
> 	This tool is an incoming and outgoing TCP/IP connections
> information logger (to syslog). You will say (alright, another tool to
> do the same)... this one differs from others you may have seen because
> it doesn't use libpcap. It's been very useful to me for some months so I
> decided to package it.
> 	Thanx a lot. Any feedback would be appreciate.
> 	[]s
> 	Pablo Lorenzzoni
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