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Porting OpenBSD eksblowfish to PAM (was Re: md5 default)

Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> > OpenBSD and FreeBSD, at least, already support Blowfish hashes for
> > passwd entries with "$2" as the password type, so this would be the
> > one to go with for something more secure.
> no kidding, try running john on the 3 different types, with old style
> crypt it can get around 64000 hashes per second, md5 is down to 1400,
> OpenBSD blowfish about 30.  (on a 400ish Mhz machine)
> it even takes several minutes to break a hideously lame password
> hashed in blowfish compared to the near instant results under md5.  
> you can also raise the number of rounds used under OpenBSD, by default
> root has a few more rounds then ordinary users which makes brute force
> attacks even slower still.  

	I have long pondered porting the OpenBSD eksblowfish
        password hashing over to PAM, but have never had the
        time. Any takers?


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