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Re: Mozilla needs new package

On Fri, Apr 06, 2001 at 04:19:29PM -0700, Steve R. Hastings wrote:
> It is very important to get a newer release of Mozilla checked in to
> Debian.  Compared to the current release of Mozilla, M18 is less stable,
> slower, lacks the security features, and does not work with Nautilus
> (which is at 1.0 now!).  I can't imagine releasing Woody with M18, and
> we shouldn't wait until the last possible moment to get a newer Mozilla
> into Unstable.
Please check the archives. Both here and I believe debian-legal. This
has been discussed often and long.

Summary: (I think?) maintainer wants an official (legal) opinion on
putting Mozilla into main with security. He has some more to say, but I
don't have any specific links handy. http://lists.debian.org use the
search facility.

> Takuo KITAME, who maintains the nautilus-mozilla package, has placed
> .deb files for Mozilla 0.8 and libnspr4 (needed for Mozilla) here:
> http://pandora.debian.org/~kitame/mozilla/
> I used these .deb files to install Mozilla 0.8 and it has been running
> very well on my Debian system.  Is it possible for someone to check
> these .deb files into Unstable?

Gordon Sadler

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