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Mozilla needs new package

Hello.  I am still new to the Debian community, and I apologize if I
am doing anything that violates the Debian etiquette.  I also
apologize if this mailing list is the wrong one for this request.

Mozilla needs a new package.  The current package is M18!  Mozilla 0.6
came out, and there was no new package.  Then 0.7, then 0.8, and now
0.8.1 is out and there is no new package.

I checked the bugs page against Mozilla, and there are multiple bugs
requesting a new package for Mozilla.  The first one, the request for
a 0.6 package, dates back to 13 December 2000.

Not wishing to send out an email like this one without trying to
contact the current package maintainer, I sent email to Frank Belew
(frb@debian.org) a week and a half ago.  I have not received any
reply, so I decided to go ahead and post this publicly.

It is very important to get a newer release of Mozilla checked in to
Debian.  Compared to the current release of Mozilla, M18 is less stable,
slower, lacks the security features, and does not work with Nautilus
(which is at 1.0 now!).  I can't imagine releasing Woody with M18, and
we shouldn't wait until the last possible moment to get a newer Mozilla
into Unstable.

Takuo KITAME, who maintains the nautilus-mozilla package, has placed
.deb files for Mozilla 0.8 and libnspr4 (needed for Mozilla) here:


I used these .deb files to install Mozilla 0.8 and it has been running
very well on my Debian system.  Is it possible for someone to check
these .deb files into Unstable?
Steve R. Hastings		"Vita est"
steve@hastings.org		http://www.blarg.net/~steveha

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