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Re: Ian Jackson in San Francisco this weekend (~ 6th April)

On 06-Apr-2001 Tony Finch wrote:
> In article <[🔎] 20010406125355.G418@zork.net> you write:
>>begin  Sean 'Shaleh' Perry quotation:
>>> the pub we met at a month or two back is nice.  How far is that from
>>> Ian?
>>      Well, given that I walked there from my previous apartment
>>(which was a few blocks away from Ian), it's not that far.  It's
>>walking distance from the embarcadero BART and metro station, and Ian
>>can ride one metro stop if it's too far for him to walk.
> Ian won't mind walking afew blocks. What bar are you talking about?

Harrigton's: 245 Front Street; close to Embarcadero BART.

nice pub.  Decent food.

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