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Re: Ian Jackson in San Francisco this weekend (~ 6th April)

On 06-Apr-2001 Nick Moffitt wrote:
> begin  Sean 'Shaleh' Perry quotation:
>> Ok, so, should we try the Thirsty Bear?  Should we just walk a mile
>> and hit one slightly off the path?  Nick, could you please give some
>> suggestions -- we need to get this settled soon.
>       You could pick a worse place to meet than the Thirsty Bear.
> It's on Howard near Third Street, around the block from the W and
> across the street from the fire department.  
>       Despite the "bear" in the name, it is not a "gay bar".  
>       They serve tapas (noshes, or meals made of appetizers) and
> the house microbrew beer.  They tend to get a bit of a rush when the
> conferences are in town, but it's a big place.  If we can't get a
> table all to ourselves, we can just mingle and nosh.

What are our other choices?

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