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Re: Ian Jackson in San Francisco this weekend (~ 6th April)

Nick Moffitt writes ("Re: Ian Jackson in San Francisco this weekend (~ 6th April)"):
> 	Okay, so the W hotel (where Ian is staying) is a stone's throw
> from  the Montgomery BART station.  Also nearby is the Thirsty Bear,
> though it tends to get rather full during conventions.  Will the
> conference be in full swing by Friday evening?

Probably not.  It doesn't officially start until Monday (registration
opens Sunday afternoon).  (BTW, According to my records of the nCipher
schedule, nCipher'll eating at the Thirsty Bear on Monday night.
Don't try to join us there, that's just FYI.)

This'll probably be my last email access before I fly out, so I hope
you people can all settle on something.  Would someone please declare
themselves in charge :-) and organise it and let me know the details.
Give instructions for recognising you.  I'll bring along my 12-foot
long bright orange scarf (probably inappropriate for the weather, but
a good recognition token).

I'll try to read my email again when I get to the hotel, *but*

1. Tony Finch would like to join us.  So could you please send him a
copy of the instructions of where to meet.  See above for his address.

2. In case I don't manage to get email access, please also leave me a
message with the hotel desk, on 415 777 5300.

Also, I propose to drag along Ross Younger, a friend of mine and
colleage from work whose also at the conferernce.

Now I'm somewhat drunk (my housemate had a dinner party which went on
rather late) and still have to finish packing, so goodnight !


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