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Re: merged messages mystery

* Wichert Akkerman (wichert@cistron.nl) wrote:
> Previously Louis-David Mitterrand wrote:
> > Some users of our network (a Debian unstable mail server with postfix,
> > procmail, uw-imap, uw-ipop3d and Oulook Express clients) report
> > instances of merged e-mail messages: two separate messages become one
> > with merged headers and loss of one of the messages' body.
> I'm quite certain it is a bug in how procmail deals with mboxes.
> I used to suffer from this on a regular basis until I switched all
> my mail over to maildirs.

	I have a hard time believeing it is a bug in procmail unless
it was recently introduced.  I use procmail for local delivery on a
stable system which handles a large amount of mail with no problem.

> The nul-characters are weird though, I never had those, and suggest
> a kernel problem.

	I seem to recall a message being sent to bugtraq about a way
to exploit pine in funny ways by sending very odd emails which either
contained alot of NULLs or caused pine to generate alot.  Unfortunately
it was a few months ago and I don't have the notice handy.


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