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Re: RFC: cdlinux

Previously zhaoway wrote:
> * cdlinux is supposed to be debian running on live! cdroms, but it
> should be generic enough, and keep the code for its specific purposes
> to the minimum. and it should be capable to be installed to harddisks,
> and running there thereafter.

DemoLinux already is a Debian-based CD that runs from a live filesystem,
you might want to look at that as well.

> * cdlinux is also supposed to provide a easy chroot alike environment
> for debian developers to build their packages for different releases,
> aka testing/stable/unstable. This is not a problem for some of you
> have spare computers and/or nice backup utilities. but to alot of
> developers, building a chroot environment is difficult and tiresome,
> and to some packages, to test them may be dangerous(?) OTOH, cdlinux
> could provide a consistent platform to do package maintaining. at
> least I hope so. ;)

I don't really believe this argument:
* making a chroot environment is really easy. Basically you just grab a
  base .tar.gz, extract it, and chroot into it. That should take you all
  of 2 minutes or so :). chroots also allow you to test distro upgrades,
  which might be hard with live cdroms

> * cdlinux needs a version of linuxrc which is capable to get the cdrom
> device and detect the cdlinux cdroms,

That should be really simple, the linucare bbc already does that
for example.

> * a better solution is layered filesystem, Ie ramdisk on top of isofs,
> to provide read-write transparency. this is certainly doable. ;)

You'll have to wait for Al Viro to finish his stacked filesystems
stuff for the VFS layer.


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