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Re: Merlin Server released by Abriasoft

Has anybody tried & packaged this?



Abriasoft Promo wrote:
> Hello,
> Abriasoft (http://www.abriasoft.com), an Open Source software solutions provider, has recently released Abria Merlin Server, a web development and production platform for interactive, database driven websites.
> We noticed that you provide information on open source software, and we would appreciate it if you consider Merlin Server for a review and/or a listing on your site. If you would like to write a product review, please let us know and we can provide you with a copy of the software.
> Merlin server provides a quick installation of open source tools such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, PHP4, Perl, Perl DBI and many more, deploying a secure e-commerce capable web development environment.
> Merlin runs on Microsoft Windows and RedHat Linux platforms.
> Merlin Server (http://www.abriasoft.com/products/product16.php) includes:
> * Abriasoft's secure, SSL-supported release of the Apache server and latest MySQL and PostgreSQL database servers.
> * Support for core development languages such as PHP and PERL.
> * Graphical development tools (IDEs) to accelerate development.
> * Complete open source e-commerce software platform.
> * A template-based web portal and news system.
> * Abria MySQL Administration Training CD-ROM.
> * Automated SSL certificate creation / Certificate generation wizard.
> * Complete integration of core elements to provide a seamless development environment. 
> * 30 day installation and configuration email support.
> * And a whole lot more.
> Please send us an email at info@abriasoft.com
> We look forward to hearing from you,
> Thank you,
> Abriasoft Team.

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