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[Fwd: How do I get Japanese to print?]

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Yasuhiro TAKE wrote:

> Hello Brock,
> Torsten, the maintainer of ghostscript stuffs is working on merging
> gs-cjk patches and defoma support, so in the future you can print
> japanese postscript files with Debian official packages.
> If you have interest, fetch gs-aladdin, gs-cjk-resource, defoma and gsfonts
> from
>   deb http://klecker.debian.org/~take/debian ./
> and fetch ttf-xtt-watanabe-mincho/ttf-xtt-wadalab-gothic and cmap-adobe-japan1
> from official Debian ftp mirror.
> The gs-aladdin and gsfonts packages in klecker is sample packages for
> Torsten to merge gs-cjk patches and defoma support. They'll be installed into
> Debian near the future, maybe with some changes.
> The gs-cjk-resource and defoma packages in klecker is what i built and
> uploaded today.
> Regards,

I installed all this. There was somewhat of a problem for installing xfs-xtt,
but I figured out what was not working... some "TrueType" directories were not
being created by install process, so I manually created them. It then installed

But still Japanese text will not print.
Also, when I installed the "wadalab-gothic" I got something that came up in
debconf (ncurses version) that asked a question, I assumed it was in Japanese,
but could not read it, as the characters were not displayed correctly on the
screen in my xterm. So I went with the default suggestion, and pressed enter for

I then tried to print Japanese Text using netscape, and it did not work. This
time instead of printing funny characters, it printed nothing by the graphics on
the web site. Even the English on the web site did not print.

Brock Lynn

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