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Re: Installing nano-tiny in /bin [was Bug#92003]

To quote Anton Zinoviev <anton@lmlserver.bas.bg>,
# Hi!
# I haven't tried nano-tiny, but nano breaks long lines.  This can be
# dangerous when editing some configuration file.

'nano -w'

# Why everyone speaks against ae?  I am for it. :-)
# It is configurable, if you don't like its keyboard control sequences,
# you can easily change them.  And it is only 23888 bytes.

Nobody here is saying "ae sux0rz!" :) But many, many people are
comfortable with Nano. More so than 'ae'. I can't really say exactly
what it is, but it seems that people can pick up and use Nano nearly
immediately, whereas a lot of people fight with 'ae'.

David Barclay Harris, Clan Barclay
    Aut agere, aut mori. (Either action, or death.)

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