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Re: Installing nano-tiny in /bin [was Bug#92003]

Jordi Mallach wrote:
> Hello,
> I got this wishlist regarding nano-tiny. First I thought I just couldn't
> install the binary in /bin, but now I can't say that so clearly:
> - nano-tiny is really tiny; version 1.0.0 was 40380 bytes. That's
>   smaller than elvis-tiny, for example.
> - nano-tiny is woody bf's editor.
> - it uses slang, which is in /lib.
> So I need comments (not a flamewar). I know 40k are 40k for /bin, but I
> think it'd be nice to have a friendly editor there when you screw your
> /usr partition and so on.

I think the fact that nano is simple to use is a big advantage, if /usr
is unavable then they no doubt have bigger things to worry about than
sometimes obscure key combinations.

(I have no doubt that the "sometimes obsure key combinations" are really
usefull to those who know them.)

IMHO a default/emergency editor should be usable by as wide a user base
as possible, its mostly likely going to be used to edit configuration
files which arent complex enough to really benefit from the extra
features of a more powerfull editor. 


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