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Re: How do I get Japanese to print?

Hello Brock,

Torsten, the maintainer of ghostscript stuffs is working on merging
gs-cjk patches and defoma support, so in the future you can print
japanese postscript files with Debian official packages.
If you have interest, fetch gs-aladdin, gs-cjk-resource, defoma and gsfonts
  deb http://klecker.debian.org/~take/debian ./
and fetch ttf-xtt-watanabe-mincho/ttf-xtt-wadalab-gothic and cmap-adobe-japan1
from official Debian ftp mirror. 

The gs-aladdin and gsfonts packages in klecker is sample packages for
Torsten to merge gs-cjk patches and defoma support. They'll be installed into
Debian near the future, maybe with some changes.

The gs-cjk-resource and defoma packages in klecker is what i built and
uploaded today.


At Fri, 30 Mar 2001 06:51:52 -0600,
Brock wrote:
> I have Japanese support working, to display in Netscape.
> But when I print a page from the browser, it does not print the Characters, but
> instead funny looking things.

Yasuhiro Take aka hirot / <take@debian.org>
Debian Project

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