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Re: APT-able Debian DRI CVS packages ready for testing.

On Fri, Mar 30, 2001 at 06:09:32AM -0800, Marc Wilson wrote:
> Ok, perhaps I'm really dense, but what's the advantage of using this over
> just using Branden's X debs?  I have 3d acceleration and working DRI for
> both my V3 and my G450 as it stands, without adding any further software.
> And I can turn it on or off as I want (if I need 24 bit for something, for
> example).

You generally will use CVS if you like to live  on the bleeding edge, if
your card is not supported without it (mine's not), or if you need some of
the fixes and features that have happened since then.  In other words,
same reasons you'd run a 2.4 kernel right now.

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