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ITP: harvest-ng


I hesitate to file a bug against WNPP because I like some discussion before.
At first our institute wants to use a web crawler for our own site.

I didn't found one in Debian but sourceforge has one marked as stable:

I looked at it and it seems to be fairly nice according to its description.
Nearly all dependencies are solved in Debian.
states dependencies from:

 libwww-perl, libhtml-parser-perl, libnet-perl, libdigest-md5-perl, liburi-perl

The only thing missing in Debian is Metadata which can be found on
The latest version seems to be
If I want to package harvest-ng I seem to have to package this first.

Moreover I'm not sure how to handle SSL stuff which is mentioned at
It is stated optional.  I'm really not experienced in Perl packaging
stuff and I don't know how to handle this right (may be I have to split
something of harvest-ng to non-US).

I would like to have some discussion about this stuff.  Perhaps some
more experienced developer of Perl related stuff would like take over this
packaging work.  If not I would have to give it a try myself - but
be warned - it might have a lot of bugs.

Kind regards


We have joy, we have fun,
we have Linux on our Sun.

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