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Crypto patch (and status of crypto in main?)


I'm finally getting somewhere with kernel-patch-int (international kernel
patch). I'm reworking the patch to support free algorithms, and removing the 
non-free ones.
Here is the list:

Removed	: Mars,RC6, IDEA, DFC
Keep	: AES(rijndael), Serpent,CAST-128,MD5,SHA-1, Twofish, Blowfish

Anyone who thinks/knows something in the 'keep' list should be ditched for
non-free-ness, or the other way around?
The DFC licensing is unsure (according to the original kerneli.org patch),
so it's counted as non-free to be sure.

I'm also looking for tools/ways to maintain this. When i'm done, i will have
a patch to remove non-free algorithms from _this_ version of the patch, but
apart from 'extractdiff' i can't really find tools to easily manage certain
changes to code.

Last question: The crypto-in-main amendment is over, and it will get
integrated into the policy as soon as there is some legal person who says
it's o.k. - is there anything that can be done to speed that up?

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